End of summer is for experimenting

Seem like every end of summer is for experimenting. This year is no exception with some artworks below where i’ve pushed some more abstract ideas for design and composition. Although with the patreon requests and commissions there’s a lot of cleavages too, beware. First though, cats!

Hel first story will be completed this month , with perhaps the last episode coming early october. 11 months workload for a first story aproximatively 140 pages long, each episodes consisting of 3 to 4 pages. About a third of those i’ve contributed to the coloring. With end of week a suplemental 1 page long daydream episode. The work was intense, to continue down this career path things will need to get a lot better both financialy and on term of workload during the second story because at the moment, a year after drowtales ended, we do not have enough to pay the bills in this post inflation world. Failure to do that will force me to get a different career path. Finance, its not in my control , its really about Hel somehow gaining enough of an audience. A break. Yes social media advertising is a thing, making youtube video, promoting, growing an audience — But its all boil down to time i don’t have. If i make a promotion i am not keeping up with other important things. So, natural progression of discovery and word of mouths is all i have. It took drowtales about 18 months to have an impact back in 2001 to 2002. For the later, workload, not having to colors the episodes would be a good step. Maybe cut some corners where i can like i do for daydream. Those daydream episodes only take 1 day to make, and yet they technicaly have just have much panel as a page of Hel(1/3 of an episode). The designs are kept very simple on purpose. So workload wise its in my hands, i enjoyed two weekends off in july that spured me to be creative again. If i could ensure having weekends every weeks i’d consider that a success.

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