new year new canvas

It wasn’t a new year resolution but it happen to fit the month. Dragging out the old studio tools from back in the days when we working on paper. Ink pens that were at the minimum 12 years old, up to 17 years years old. Sketchbooks warped by time. Kind of like us. Older, but still working. I drew on paper with the old tools , things were rough at first. But as my wife showed renewed interest in the prospect, we started down a route of cheap markers hoarding which led us to this madness.

Thats a lot of dirt cheap Ohuhu markers. And a daily routine of starting our day drawing on paper. Be it ink, markers or recently paint. Or all of them combined which is the case of the slime piece below. After so many years doing only digital its refreshing to go back to this. Simple creative challenges, doing old things long forgotten and things new that i never thought i’d try.

Season 2 of Hel is well underway, hoping to get to the climax soon. As for Eld i’m holding on my resolution, I’ve begun working it once more. 5 episodes draft and some scripting is not a lot but its a beginning. I hope that by the next news update i’ll have something up. We did have a mishap with our latest Hel episode which fell to Webtoon censorship. If you’re reading this you haven’t noticed a thing because you’re on the web site but lets say we’ll have to be careful with webtoon updating or any other webcomic platform we choose to try. My work aim for adult readers and it seem while we try to avoid things are not safe for work, our definition may not meet the PG only views of webtoon moderators.

There is a lot of artworks for the month of january :

And that doesn’t include the two dozen unfinished artwork doodles that I’m hoping i may finish at some point… Very, very busy january. Now for cat tax Bean tax

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