After 2 months of silence

February was still a high month in artistic endeavor. So much so that trying to upload everything done to this wordpress resulted into errors. Postponing it to later, and later, and later, and we are in april. Artistic down has returned. I’ve been quite negative in my writing in the last year and so i won’t empty my mind again, let say i am still trying to find the thing that’ll make our newer projects come to light on this difficult internet. A youtube video was made, though its exclusive to the patreon, as a test of art recording. This will be a thing i must explore more in the months to come. A big painting on canvas was made in february, that was a first. I started a continuous story for Eld, a season 1 proper. Will there be a season 2? That I don’t know yet. I wanted to at least have a story out of my mind unto the internet after so many years of playing with this concept with a chosen few friends.

Below is all the art from february and march. At least those i could successfuly find and upload. April will go in the next update. So is season 3 of Hel actualy, i’m working on episode 2 of it at the moment, episode 1, i hope, will go up this weekend, given my wife find the energy to color.

Cat tax. Bean on my work desk, having successfully pushed the mouse and keyboard.

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