Or its already here. Theres snow outside, promising a cold, and snowy winter considering the amount of rain all year long.

The announcement is up on drowtales, hel and the discord. That we had 1 year to meet a certain funding to know whether Hel was successful or not, and well i saw that goal getting further away all year long. I’m not giving up yet and letting the readers know publicly is part of that not giving up. I made the offer to do a new story for Drowtales to check interest on that front. It was not my intention to revive it after a year but given how things are, and how much in the dark i am as to how to proceed, it made sense to check every possibilities. If it were to happen, i have ideas on the story and how to limit it scope. As for the D&D modules, i run currently two games set in hel and have been making document for the players. If the goal is met its just a matter of making things more neat and release them on a more regular basis. As for the last goal, the small one, yes its a pretty low goal, yes its not enough for a living, but combined with daydream i am hoping it’ll be enough of a ball rolling to continue Hel and see if we can make it grow. I certainly am pushing my personal art to grow and get better. As you see below , October was busy.

As for Eld, i tried but i’m facing an even bigger block. Making it for social did not work, it got completely ignored. Then i tried longer episode for Webtoon but webtoon does not generate traffic by itself. Need social to feed social, a loop and its hard to break in. So what’s to be done? Change format again, keep trying, or refocus my attention to do other things. I do not have the answer. The goblin series below gave me view on how people grow their socials as it had a big impact on my twitter. But it is one thing, for one week, on one platform. Make Eld different, hoping for organic discovery? Join more artists challenge to grow socials so that the stories can then be shared naturally? Get back to paid advertising like the ye old days of the internet and hope its not a trash fire burning through our savings? Try to pierce youtube like so many are telling me to do? After so many years i sure don’t believe in my ability to understand social algorithm. For years i didn’t want anything to do with any of them. A feeling i still have, just one that’s not helping on this new internet of ours. I want to create things and share them, and yes the advice “create for yourself and they will come”, is very much to my heart, but at some point , after so much time and efforts in my corner of the internet, i have to do self introspection. After all, creation is to be shared, the joy is in seeing it resonate in people’s minds and hearts.

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2 thoughts on “Winter is coming

  1. The internet is hard, not what it use to be. I made my own website, hosted my email, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, etc on my own server but the big boys make it to hard to do now with standards that they create but do not share unless you use there API’s etc. So many competing for attention with a limited pool of spending, there are signs of recession everywhere though the majority pretend there is not, until we are on the other side and the world hopefully settles down again, making money on the internet is a social thing, I don’t like social media either but I’m lucky, I do not need it.
    I enjoyed your work on Drowtales, Hel, and ELD but I view ELD as just the occasional self contained story that is updated when ever you get the inclination to do so, be it a week, a month, or a year. I enjoy all of your work and your story telling. In saying that, it is up to you, what you enjoy doing, as to the direction you take it – as well as the financial aspect.
    If you decide it is not worth it, you have left a wonderful world behind with Drowtales. Sometimes great works of art take time for the world to appreciate, so do not despair, even if you update HEL only occasionally due to financial constraints, it is something that is worth pursuing. I have enjoyed your artistic works, and it has given me refuge from the real world through some heavy times.

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