2023 lay defeated at your feet

Before you is a door, 2024 is written upon it in blood. What do you do?

No you may not insight the door.

While you determine what to do with that door, here’s tidbits on the last month. We had a full week break since foreverago , i think the last true week break was our trip to japan before the pendemic, so that was good. Commission work list and patreon are both healthy, thank you. Gives me hope for 2024. While i don’t have fixed goals per say in 2024 i aim as always do to better. Better stories, better schedule, better art. 2023 was not a great year in term of artworks, especially the first 6 months where news of AI and the state of the world gave a very grim view of the future. Would we still be drawing in 2024? Would we still be able to pay our bills? Well for now the answer for both is yes. So while you give me fuel to keep on going i will aim not to waste the opportunity. Looking back to the art of 2023 there is a few key things i’d say i’ve improved upon. Environment art for one thing. Most of the backgrounds art in the stories are done by me, where it used to be done by other people over the years. This is very apparent with Hel season 2 as it is a journey story with many locations. Speed is the other thing, Hel scope is much bigger than DT in term of content , yet i am able to keep up and work on other things such as commission. One endgoal of many artists is to draw things that are final on first strokes. This is something i’m starting to notice happen. Skip guidelines, just use the sketch when its good enough to pass for ink. This kind of thing. I’ve a lot to learn, lot to refine, its a never ending road till i die and perhap it is only me who see the little improvements, still i will take these personal little victories.

So yeah. Lets wrap up season 2 this winter. Get to season 4 by this summer. Revive Eld. Do more fanworks to grow socials. Get better at making daydream content. Keep up with health, friends and wife’s care. Pet cats.
And you. Figured out what do to with the 2024 door yet?

There were quite a few NSFW pieces in december but its feel kind of pointless to post the thumbnails. If you want to see them you know where to go. And those that are private to commissioners remain as such.

Cat tax! Bean likes to sleep on my desk lately. And press keys.

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One thought on “2023 lay defeated at your feet

  1. Its almost the Chinese New Year and I’m still staring at this fricken door. Heh. Good to hear you and Kite are ok though, and bask in the Bean tax. I’m still around, reading Hel and lurking, love you Kern and all your peoples and art as usual, stay safe, busy and as happy as possible.


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