Fall begins and first story completed

First story is complete and pre production on the second one is well under way. While Mary is doing a solo episode meant as an interlude i am doing concept arts and storyboarding. One major change between drowtales and Hel is that all pages are drawn before anything goes up. Bigger workload at the start, to make these big episodes possible. They’re also more contained stories , each with a character previously introduced that will have a start and end to their arc within the season. Once the first episode of the new story is live i will have to make an announcement regarding the future of the comic, which will go up on drowtales and at the end of Hel’s first episode of the new season. I am really hoping the new daydream is ready by then. As for Eld, a new episode is up with Kiel as main character. I am still trying to find the right voice for it that works with the available time.

5 Daydream updates in september.

Cat tax Double Edition

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