Shonen sky battle between two not angels

If you’re reading this , your homeland is either on fire or flooding, or both. For the later, congratulation, 2023 is going hard on you but you survived.

Having two weekend off helped back in july. I need more of those especially with whats coming soon. Might be related , might be not, after all Kite is recovering from being very sick for a week , but she has got back to drawing. Hoping she find her inspiration power back.
As to the stories , i have one Eld episode in progress which i’m hoping to release next week. Hel is curently ongoing major shonen action in the sky. It’ll be one of the lenghtiest battle i’ve ever tackled, except maybe for Snadhya final conflict in drowtales. Hoping it won’t feel too slow. Daydream slime up and Ariel & The labyrinth are continuing, with slime being at episode 22, so still going strong. Whats odd is that i get more feedback about Drowtales than Hel even now after what, 9 months of its ending? Even one person being concerned that i haven’t uploaded any new page for drowtales in a year. I don’t know if Hel will work out, i’ll keep pushing. But this might make me wonder if i shouldn’t try to launch a new episode of Drowtales, just to keep that side going, albeit very slowly as the Eld update rate is showing. I’ve ideas of characters. Might make it a patreon goal maybe? If it reaches a certain goal, that sort of thing. Speaking of patreon the next character design request event is this month, its either design your angel or moth, feel free to vote on my patreon for which one you want.

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