Webtoon first look back

March was a tough month , for different reasons than february’s server collapse. Its a month of accumulated pressures past, present and future making it hard to find creative inspiration. I would often sit for hours staring at my screen looking for the drive to start the day. And yet. No updates were missed. The Hel episodes are still massive, i’ve restarted updating Eld, for which another episode is done and will go up today. Same for Daydream. There are some good news after all! An old friend returned with desire to draw again , i no longer need to help with coloring Hel episodes and last, webtoon is showing a good reception. All nice supportive feedback, while modest the episodes are getting more likes than what i am accostumed to for Drowtales’ work and there is a steady growth. These give me some hope and will help me push through the long work days to come. So thank you, thank you for reading, for showing your support to this growing new little world, for giving a new series a try in your busy lives. I will keep pushing to make the episodes better and show through all the lores how much i’ve prepared for this story.

Also spring is coming, finally, for us hermit canadians that was a long wait! Begone snow its time to garden and build.

Fitting to end of a month’s artwork collection with the one personal piece that I’ve done more than a hour work on. Creatively each artist are their own island and it help to see other islands doing well. Unfortunately looking around things are pretty bleak across the internet. I don’t want to give up and will fight to find time in april to do some studies and concept arts for things to come.

6 great Hel related art work byfriends. 2 of which from Starlitdragon who did so many of Drowtales great environement from the older chapters!

The 4 daydream update of the month. starting a new story, one of them had a chance to be Kiel in eld.

Cat tax, sleepy Bean

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