A lot of work needs to be done on the web site but its feel like a return to normalcy. The new hosting is fast and hasn’t crashed. I’m told daydream works. Though many still struggle to find informations about the grand reset. If you are one of the case who cannot login, please click the “RESET” button on daydream’s login bar. That’ll let you choose your password. Your username is your email address, which you can then change through user setting, again same login bar. If you find an old login bar, say in a daydream archive or on the subscription page which is a relic of the previous site, that won’t work. These old pages do fuel the confusion but Vilx , the programmer, is one person with a day job and it’ll take a while to get around to resolve all the remaining things. Thank you for your patience.

In the meanwhile, Hel continued and we’re ramping up Nine and Bale’s descent. Seem like we’ll hit 2k on webtoon any moment, so there is at least a good news there that things slowly ramp upward.

Sorry for the delay to approve the wordpress comments, the system sent me no notification. Glad to know there are still people around, thank you.

cat tax , sleepy bean

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