Hel half a year in and DT anniversary

April was unfortunately rough still, capped by lost of power during a spring unusualy extreme rainfall that led to flooding which destroyed many of the old books from DT’s era. And with april over so is the first 6 months of Hel! A good time to look back at the performance and see what else could be done. Due to the number of panels, animations quickly fell aside but the art quality improved as i’m getting more comfortable with clip studio. Just comparing the older episodes to the current there is an improvement on the inking. Funding is still problematic so in order to reach our year 1 goal i will be adding a lower tier to patreon this week that gives nothing but credit. In hope a lesser cost may gain us support. On other front it was also the month of DT’s anniversary, a good time to make a crossover between series character which you can see below. Trying to match characters that have some things in common. As for Eld, i still have to find my groove. Due to twitter’s collapse i will be abandonning my concept of 4 blocks episodes. The one curently in the work will have 7, as to not try to contrainst too much the panels in the limited space. Let things breath.. I may experiment further to try to find something that is interesting, looks good and is managable with my limited time. And on the topic of experiment, i brought back a new series of D&D games for a hel campaign 3. 8 players spread to 2 groups. Its a good testing ground and hopefully something interesting for the patreon supporters who participate in it.

Finally there were 5 daydream episodes in april but hm , a tad too explicits of thumbnails to put here. 2 Ariel’s labyrinth and 3 slime episodes.

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