The floating continent appeard in the story of Hel. As it is a very narrow view of this place not many concepts were made for it. First is to make the two beginning stories a success and hopefully catch enough people interest. The deadline is a full year to be able to make Hel a success, which is just enough for 2 stories. As how to promote it , the internet has changed so much since DT early days that i am unsure how to do it. I may soon try youtube shorts involving our characters and see if that can help. As to Eld it is ever just an experiment,for which i broke the model in the last episode. It had begun with the idea of being locked to 4 panels so it could fit easily on socials, but then the internet decided to be on the fire. If making it easy to post on socials is no longer the goal then i will play with styles. The snake girl and the faceless man below is likely the next episode i will make once i caught back on hel’s schedule.

As to Daydream i made a logo for one of the stories that reached quite a high number of episode and likely will continue for a while. Tomorrow i will make something for the second serie as well. Treating them as their own stories, perhaps sharing previews on deviantart? Cursed place but the only one i can think of for sharing previews.

As to my last idea, it would be to try to simulate a subathon on stream, where i will draw requests for everyone who join our patreon for as long as there is new people. No clues if that’ll work! If it doesn’t then it’ll just be a short session.

If you have ideas as to how to promote the work, feel free to let me know.

Above 3 amazing pieces by Starlitdragon. Two of them on paper no less! Under is the only artwork i did not put in the compilation above as it is NSFW and yet not finished enough to go on daydream.

Cat tax. Bean has taken my arm and productivity decreased to 20%. His roundness is eternal.

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