2023 server collapse and Eld

On february 3 the datacenter was hacked into and our server was scrambled. All data lost. Our server was one among a massive wave of ten of thousands to fall . On february 5th we’ve learned that all local backups were destroyed and that the datacenter were going to soon up our hosting fee that is already at a high 200$ per month. I, and Valts the programmer of the site, both do personal backup of our works. Drowtales, Hel, Eld, all my work on daydream is perserved. And in the case of Drowtales its all tagged into the filenames system for easy automation. Clean, relatively easy to be put up and valts having recently redone the Hel and Drowtales site means he has a quick to upload backups. So, i got a new server in the clouds, a new experience for me as we’ve always had a dedicated machine on a rented rack being managed by someone else. Thankfully over the years the experience was streamlined! New server, new datacenter, sites up, data put up. And there we go, two main sites back up. The wiki was already moved off site and can be reimported with only the images being lost. Good news in all the losses!

But this where the good news stop in this bad start of a year. Daydream was a collaborative work among many over many years. I do not have everything , and what i have is not sorted out. Valts has a backup from 2022 in order to work on the new version that was pending with our new mascots. As for the database, its gone. Permanently. That means every 220 members left needs their account recreated with new passwords, patreon perks resetup. It was already needing a new site badly as well. Only once that is up will we worry about the old we are feral , putting up the wiki public, and making the site for Eld …

Speaking of Eld, since the post got deleted i have to reintroduced it.

Eld is a modern fantasy setting where our little creative circle have been putting our characters into for a couple years. Knowing the demon known Naal was leaving eventually drowtales she was an easy first character. But there are original characters to discover in this setting as well. It’ll be a relax story, 4 box pages only per episode. Touching comedy and trying to see the concepts of our lives through a different angle. No great epic, no great drama, there won’t be wars, clan trives, oppressed people under a sky continent– Just people in a city thats very similar to our world yet so different. Where the paranormal is the normal. And the eldritch might be hiding in your closet. By the way they need hydration, go share your drink with them.

You can read the first two episodes on webtoon or any of my social medias. It will run in parallels to Hel and will update when i can.

As to why adding this extra work when I’m already quite taxed with work. Its simple,i don’t want to regret later not having tried this story while i could. As the server proved, things don’t last forever. We don’t know if there is a future for artists next year. A story meant for easy sharing on social media, different from all my previous stories. Success or failure , at least i’ll have tried.

The january side work that was uploaded and then lost:

And the 4 daydream update for the month of january, not that they can be accessed right now

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5 thoughts on “2023 server collapse and Eld

  1. do you know when we will be able to recreate accounts for daydream? right now it just says “file not found” when you try to sign up.

    1. Oh shit, i would’ve replied tot this weeks ago if wordpress wouldve sent me a notification. Never hesitate to contact me directly for help.
      If you use the link from daydream front page to register, or to login it should be fine. Any login bar found elsewhere on the temporary pages wouldn’t work.

  2. Maybe Im naive, but I don’t think real artists are going anywhere. Once upon a time, there were posters/reprints in like Target, K-mart etc that people would use as living room art, but if you wanted a real painting you still went and bought it from a local gallery or broker if you didn’t know an artist personally. There’s always been a big difference between an original work and prints, or mass produced garbage. And its not like the mass produced garbage hasn’t always looked sweet, but it will never have the same allure or value. I feel like the AI stuff is basically just as soulless as the mass produced prints/posters. Sure, there will be a lot of people who don’t want to spend the money, but there will always be a niche for those of us who want someone’s art, not something’s art.

    1. may that be true. We will see soon enough. My work was already lost in the flood, now its drowning. if the same happen to making stories as well i don’t know what i’ll do.

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